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Races list

Location and date of actual races

Races 2014

 Eplény  (26.4.2014) MORE INFO


 Kamzík  (10.5.2014) MORE INFO


 Liberec  (31.5.2014) MORE INFO


 Liberec  (1.6.2014) MORE INFO


 Klínovec  (21.6.2014) MORE INFO


 Valča  (5.7.2014) MORE INFO


Vechec  (2.8.2014) MORE INFO


Klínovec  (16.8.2014) MORE INFO


Krynica  (30.8.2014) MORE INFO


Donovaly  (13.9.2014) MORE INFO


Bořetice  (27.9.2014) MORE INFO


Budapest (25. 10. 2014) MORE INFO


Races 2015

Jasná  (24. 1. 2015) MORE INFO


Warsaw  (28. 3. 2015) MORE INFO


Budapest  (18. 4. 2015) MORE INFO


Liberec  (2. 5. 2015) MORE INFO


Gdynia  (16. 5. 2015) MORE INFO


Litovel  (6. 6. 2015) MORE INFO


Nitra  (20. 6. 2015) MORE INFO


Donovaly  (18. 7. 2015) MORE INFO


Krynica  (1. 8. 2015) MORE INFO


Tatranská Lomnica  (5. 9. 2015) MORE INFO


Tatranská Lomnica  (6. 9. 2015) MORE INFO


Kouty  (10. 10. 2015) MORE INFO


Kouty  (11. 10. 2015) MORE INFO


Elény  (24. 10. 2015) MORE INFO


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Races list

Location and date of finished races

Races 2012

 Vechec  (1.9.2012) More info

Races 2013

 Valčianska Dolina  (18.5.2013) More info

 Monínec  (8.6.2013) More info

 Monínec  (9.6.2013) More info

 Vechec  (31.8.2013) More info

 Bořetice  (28.9.2013) More info

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Spartan Race type

  • Spartan Sprint

    Spartan Sprint obstacle racing Spartan Sprint is a 5+ kilometers long race with min. 15 obstacles placed throughout the course.

    Spartan Sprint is appropriate for all levels of fitness- including beginners. The Spartan Sprint allows you to push your abilities and skills to a new level.

  • Super Spartan

    Super Spartan obstacle racing Super Spartan is 13+ kilometers long with min. 21 obstacles.

    Super Spartan track includes mud, water and various natural and man-made obstacles. Your physical and mental fitness will be tested to the limits.

  • Spartan Beast

    Spartan Beast obstacle racing Spartan Beast is a touch, 20+ kilometers race with min. 26 obstacles.

    Spartan Beast is a good choice for fans of triathlons and long distance races. The obstacles include hilly terrain, mud, water and other tough challenges.

  • Death Race

    Spartan Beast obstacle racing Death Race the toughest race in the series of the Spartan Race events. It lasts 48 hours.

    Death Race however, is not for everyone. Only the toughest runners dare to sign up. To complete this race take all of you – every last bit of physical and mental strength will be exhausted. And unlike during the other races, the finish line will be a lonely place- 90% of runners will not make it. How about you?

What is Spartan Race?

Obstacle Racing at its Toughest!

Spartan Race™ is the leading worldwide obstacle race event series designed by seven insane ultra-athletes. The Spartan Race was founded in 2010 and its goal is simple - to deliver the toughest possible endurance challenges that give the adrenalin rush of a lifetime.

If you have ever tried to run a difficult race through the mud, water or any other natural obstacles and you still liked it, now it is time to try the Spartan Race. You can choose from Spartan Sprint, Spartan Super, Spartan Beast and finally Spartan Death Race.

Do you ask yourself why should you become a Spartan? Because Spartans are men and women made of steel! Do you ask yourself why should you compete in this race? In today’s lifestyle -full of stress and deadlines, only toughest individuals are properly rewarded. We have a simple goal- we want you to become active and show to the world your qualities. You will have a chance to prove yourself that nothing can stop you- no mud, no water nor obstacle. Fill your life with a dose of adrenaline which will last you a lifetime.

This obstacle race is designed to test your physical strength, endurance, speed and skills. You will demand a new extreme from your mind and body to conquer the obstacles and complete the race.

But all this YOU WILL KNOW AT THE FINISH LINE! Do not wait for anyone, do not make excusses! Register now!

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Super Spartan

Krynica Zdroj Super 1.8.2015 - 10:00


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We accept the following payment methods: common credit cards, debit cards VISA and PayPal.               

To pay by wire transfer from account to account, you must purchase a ticket in our online Spartan Shope. There you choose to pay through the payment module TrustPay and select from it your bank. OnLine Spartan Shop




Online registration - entry fee 10€ to be paid by common Credit Card or Paypal. Race day registration on the spot - entry fee 15€ is to be paid with cash only.

All parents/guardians will need to fill out the Kids Waiver. To avoid long lines download Kids Waiver from event page.


Spartan Kids will race in three categories:


Pre school kids 4-6 years (parent can run together with kid) and

Junior kids 6-10 years (parent is not allowed to run with kid), distance 750 m with minimum 10 obstacles

Older shool kids 11-14 years, distance 1.5 km with minimum 15 obstacles


Spartan Kids’ heats go off between 12pm and 1pm on race day.

Each child will receive a SR T-shirt and Finisher's Medal.


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